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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 15, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> got our eye on several developing stories tonight. what made a man stab his wife and two daughters. neighbors reacting trying to put
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this together. the latest in the pay for play scandal in the district. should men have to pay more than women at the nail salon? that question at the center of a lawsuit. i'm laura evans. shawn is off tonight. >> i'm brian bolter. we're going to begin with a grim anniversary. it's been almost two years since the deadliest accident in metro's history. nine people were killed in june 2009. they met to discuss that tragic accident, and a number of other issues facing the transit system. matt ackland joins us on capitol hill with our top story. >> reporter: the congressional leaders seem to focus many questions on safety two years after that crash, but they also wanted to know about other things, such as recent attacks on metro, threats of terrorism, and even the bomb scare situation on monday. senator barbara mcculski said she pledged she would never forget what happened almost two years ago and would do her best
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to make sure it wouldn't happen again. >> today is not a day of finger pointing, but pin pointing. what do we need to do to make sure metro is safe. >> reporter: she and many others focused their questions on safety improvements made since that horrible accident in 2009. at the top of the list, what about those eeld 1,000 series cars that were crushed in the accident? ? they were at the end of their life. we brought in the new cars. they are in design with the manufacturer and will be going into manufacturing shortly. we expect -- after testing, we expect to see the first car in 2013. >> reporter: she said metro is pushing forward to improve safety across the board, including veteran employee training, safety measures deployed to work in the field, and new features like ones to keep trains from rolling backwards. >> soon after i became general manager last year, i heard from the ntsb that they were dissatisfied with metro's rate
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of progress with recommendations. i'm pleased to report we have turned that around. >> reporter: leaders wanted to know more about recent crime to metro. they've seen videos of passengers being attacked and electronic devices being stolen. it remains a serious issue, one so big metro has asked local police for help. >> bus routes go throughout the train stations. we have received a lot of cooperative response from the police departments. >> reporter: they want to know what metro was doing to ramp up the security following the death of osama bin laden. there was talk about random bag searches and also the talk about the bomb scare on the red line on monday. it was a fake but the operator did a fine job of reacting to it. >> she then spoke to the passengers and actually went out to see what was going on, tried to calm the passengers down, and
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was very calm herself. i give this woman a lot of credit. >> the problem that faces metro when it comes to making all of these safety improvements is money. just to give you an idea of how expensive those things are, those new rail cars cost about $2 million each and there is a need to replace hundreds of them. that's just a tip of the iceberg, brian. >> matt ackland tonight. a developing story in springfield this evening. a woman found dead inside her home. police tell fox 5 they were called to the 8400 block of sugar creek lane this afternoon. when they arrived, they found the woman dead. there's no word on how she died but detectives are on the scene and her name has not been yet released. in the newsroom, a horrible crime. three members of a family were stabbed. police believe the father did this. >> that's right. he's in the hospital too. he too is suffering from stab wounds but police don't know whether or not they may have
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been self inflicted. >> reporter: neighbors identified the residents who live at 1615 forest hill court in crofton as the escontini family and neighbors could not believe violence could happen in that home. >> happy family, very happy family. the kids are smart, i know that, very intelligent, just looked like everything was nice with them. you know, like everything was just smooth. >> reporter: police say they got a call from a 15-year-old. >> one of the juvenile females reported that there had been a stabbing, there had been lacerations to herself, also her sister and mother at the hands of the father in the home. >> reporter: the stab wounds were serious. neighbors say the two daughters appeared to have been cut in their necks, but they could walk. >> the mom was taken out on a stretcher like in an orange body bag. all you could see was her head
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out, and she was i guess covered in blood completely, and she was rushed off out of an ame out of her. >> reporter: the father was not in the house as police arrived. officers poured into the nearby woods with their guns drawn, and with the help of a canine unit found and arrested the father within 45 minutes. again, the father too was cut, although police don't know whether those were self inflicted wounds or may have been defensive wounds if one of the family members tried to fight him off. all four members of the family are now described in serious but stable condition in a baltimore hospital. the father is under police guard. >> do police have any idea what the motive behind this could be? >> reporter: they haven't released anything public and i have to say neighbor after neighbor after neighbor in that neighborhood told us today there has never been trouble at that house and police have never been called either. >> very sad story. john henrehan thank you. brian back to you. a virginia judge denied bond of the driver of the new york-bound bus that crashed
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killing four and injuring dozens more. he faces four counts of involuntary manslaughter. the judge says he usually doesn't deny bond for manslaughter but the inconsistent addresses bother him. his wife spoke out outside the courtroom through an interpreter. >> right now, it's very hard for me to -- i don't work right now. i have no job, and i really really need him to come out and be with the family and to work and make money and keep us going and to be home with the kids. >> police say he fell asleep when the sky express bus overturned with 60 people aboard. new tonight, the men who accused mayor vincent gray of paying him to make mayor fenty look bad is putting up a new fight. he will not cooperate with a subpoena on his e-mail records. the council wants to see the records that were reported, communications with the mayor and his campaign staff, but brown says the subpoena is just
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too broad and he says they want what he calls privileged information. brown says he'll fight this in court if he has to. we were warned it would last. tomorrow, this beautiful weather pattern comes to an abrupt halt, talking rain and a possibility of a few thunderstorms. sue palka is in talking about the first round of the us open forecast. >> we've had three days to get lulled into a false sense of, yay, this will go well this time but unfortunately there's a chance. one thing i'm seeing new and hot off of the press, brian is the models are tending to slow this down just a little bit so maybe just maybe we'll get one round in before the showers roll in but the threat is there. here is trueview, we have a big cluster of showers and storms diving to the south. we thought maybe at one point some of that would get in here. i'm thinking that we'll have the clouds around in the morning but the area of low pressure in the
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front is still up by chicago, so probably mostly dry in the morning with just some clouds around. there had been the thought maybe we'd have morning showers and another round in the afternoon. let me show you what's changing. high pressure over us as we go to the weather maps is going to be leaving town. we're sorry to see it go. it's been bringing in the comfortable and cool temperatures. tomorrow will not be overly hot either. with the cloud cover we'll see temperatures close to 80 degrees again but what will be marching in our direction is the area of low pressure, showers and thunderstorms. i'm going to have the timing for all of that when i join you upstairs. i'm keeping my fingers crossed, maybe we get lucky and holds off to get the round completed before they roll in here tomorrow night. >> see you in a bit. a local man says he was charged more for a man cur a woman wanting the same thing. wait until you hear how much he's suing for in a sex
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discrimination lawsuit. this is somebody's house, and somebody's front yard, but today it is also a parking lot. i'm beth parker. cashing in on the us open. a
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>> a maryland man who says he was charged a dollar more for his man cure than what women pay filed a lawsuit claiming sex discrimination, and today in court, the judge sent a clear message to the nail salon. will thomas is back with a look at the case and what's at stake, will. >> the salon's brochure is pretty clear. we did view it. on average, men pay $1 to $2 more for the same services. the prince georges county man says the law is on his side so he's suing for a whopg $200,000. you think that's outrageous? this gw law professor and legal pioneer says accident not so fast. it may be in line. rich's nail salon, land over
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maryland, we'll show you what happened when we tried to get a response to the lawsuit. >> we called owner. is the owner here. >> i was angry and humiliated. >> reporter: he's the former customer who says he paid a dollar more than women did for his man cure. the broshoe lays it out. a maniceur for women including polish is $9. for gentlemen, it's 10. as well services charge men $1 to $2 more. >> i feel i'm being discriminated based on my gender. there's nothing to say that my hands or nails are any different from a woman's nails. nobody measures my hands or my finger nails. >> reporter: the man hired attorney jimmy bell and filed a lawsuit against the owner of rich's. >> we're asking for $100,000 in compensatory damages for the humiliation and discrimination, and $100,000 in punitive damages, which is to opinion them for what they've done and deter others from doing so. i didn't make those numbers up.
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those numbers in the statute. >> reporter: wednesday morning in court, an initial win for him. the judge issued are an injunction against the nail salon ordering the owner not to charge men more than women for the same services. >> i think it sends a message for salons in the area and throughout the country, that you can't get away for discriminating based on gender. rosa parks paid the same amount of money but was required to sit in the back of the bus. my client paid more money for less services. he didn't get polished or clear to go over the polish. >> reporter: we left a message for the owner of the nail salon and didn't hear back so we stopped by. >> will they speak to us? remember i called earlier and left a message? can we call the owner? >> reporter: the employee wouldn't give us a direct number for the owner, so we left another message. the case is set for trial july 21. let's bring in john bansas, a george washington university law
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professor and activist. good to have you with us, professor. >> good to be here. >> this case is reminiscent of some of your own crusades on behalf of women. talk about that. >> absolutely. my law students and i went after dry cleaners who were charging women more for shirts, and charging women more for the same basic haircut. we ended the practice. it's illegal. >> what about men? >> indeed, it's illegal to discriminate in favor of or either gender. we went after lady's night where bars would charge men far more than women for admission or a drink. >> you were successful? >> we were successful. >> $200,000. i know a lot of you at home are probably thinking, wow, that really doesn't seem in line with the alleged crime here, so to speak. you say, not so fast, that perhaps this may send a message. talk about that. >> not so fast, first of all it's an ascii.
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second of all you have to provide enough information when people are discriminated against to bring the suit, to make it possible to pay the lawyer to bring up the suit and finally hit the bad guy with a penalty that they don't do it again, they don't simply continue discriminating thinking it's the cost of business, what the hek. >> what if you're a salon owner and man's hands on average or feet are rougher than women, it takes longer for the treatment so we want to charge more? >> the statute says we can't. the argument was made in both the haircutting case and the dry cleaning case and it's very clear you can't base it on stereo types. believe it or not, will, there are women with big, rough hands and some men with very small, smooth hands. you can't stereo type. >> even if the service takes long, the statute says you capacity do it? >> even if it costs costs more to service one gender than the other, you can't. the only exception is.
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>> that is essential. >> professor, thank you for joining us. laura, send it back to you. the trial set july 21. >> hopefully if he takes home $200,000, he'll donate it to a good charity. thank you, will. a major change is coming to catholic universities. starting in the fall, incoming freshmen willing living in single-sexed dorms. he hopes the change will reduce binge drinking and casual hook ups that happen in co-ed dorms. catholic has co-ed dorms nearly 30 years. he says the students will be better off with the change. he starts work in a couple of weeks, and tonight, parpts, students and teachers got a chance to hear from the superintendent of the schools, joshua star. he held a meeting in silver springs. he says the plans to build on
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many of wheat's accomplishments. >> we're going to have to fight this battle between building on the strengths that exist, and there are so many strengths, and also taking a hard look at some things that maybe haven't been working so well, maybe things we haven't gotten to. >> star has been superintendent of schools in stanford, connecticut. he says the schools are similar, except montgomery county is a lot bigger. he starts july 1. practice ends today and they're getting down to business at the us open. the eyes of the golf world are on washington this week, specifically congressional country club. we sent beth parker out to see how the neighborhood is fairing. >> there may be 40 or 50,000 people attending this golf tournament every day, but there are a lot of other folks who don't care about golf but have to travel in and around that area. so we decided to make the journey from here at fox 5. it's a 6.2-mile drive to congressional country club.
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see what it's like to get from these gates to those. it's a little after 11:00 a.m. when we head west. >> this looks like a pretty typical day on river road right here. >> just after we cross over the beltway, soon the signs start popping up. 20 minutes later at 11:30, we arrive. congressional right back there over the trees, not a bad drive. >> wasn't bad, but you've definitely got to get here early. >> reporter: those who don't roll in by bus have to saddle for parking. some of the neighbors are so furious they've printed professional parking signs. >> we've told people it's two par 5s from the golf course from here. >> reporter: they had to get a permit from the county. >> we had to provide drawings and such of our property lines and where the cars are going to be parked. >> reporter: it's paying off. >> hey, there. it's $20 for the day. >> reporter: 100 people by 1:00 p.m., fans appreciate the $20 a
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day fee. others are much higher. so the driving and the parking around here will be a little tricky and for those who go inside and actually watch the golf, even more rules. printed on the ticket, a list of prohibited items. here goes, no cell phones, no pdas, no noise-producing electronic devices, no cameras, no bags, no cases, no coolers, no signs, no posters, no banners, no televisions, no food, no containers, no coolers, no pets, no lawn chairs, no bicycles, no ladders, no step stools, no metal spiked golf shoes and, of course, no weapons. in montgomery county, beth parker, fox 5 news. that wild fire burning in arizona now the largest in state history. investigators are now revealing what caused the massive blaze which is nowhere close to being fully contained. representative gabrielle giffords makes another giant step in her remarkable recovery. we're back in a moment.
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>> this wild fire in eastern arizona now the largest in that state's history. more than 474,000 acres of forest gone. the fire has moved into new mexico and only 20% of it is contained at this point. investigators are questioning several people about how this all started. they suspect it was a camp fire that was never smothered. some people have been allowed to return to their homes after evacuating. the winds, good news, have calmed down and the temperatures are not as high as they have been over the last couple of weeks. a truly good update now on arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she is now home. she continues her recovery after getting shot in the head in tucson back in january. she's back at home with her husband, astronaut mark kelly. she needs intensive therapy every day and it's not clear
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whether she'll ever be able to return to the floor of the house chamber. the man accused of shooting her was ruled mentally unfit for trial and is undergoing treatment for another chance to try him for the shooting. the anthony weiner sex scandal has more details after a former porn star steps up. find out which republican candidate's popularity appears to be plummeting. >> john edwards' mug shot coming up.
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>> congresswoman anthony weiner's wife is back in dc after a trip to africa. reports have said that weiner was waiting to decide whether he
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resigned his seat in new york until his wife returnedas hillary clinton's aide. weiner is on a two-week leave of absence from congress. there's no word on a deadline date for his decision. now a porn star actress comes out to say that he asked her to lie about their electronic exchanges. the woman's name is ginger lee. she says she exchanged about 100 e-mails and twitter messages with weiner between march and this month after she posted a statement about the congresswoman on her blog. she said most of the time they talked politics but talked sex too, but she says she did not encourage that talk and never got pictures from him. after releasing a statement to the press, weiner coached her, she still couldn't escape the story. >> things kept getting worse and he and i kept communicating about what i should do. once it got to the point he lied on national television, i knew that anything i said after that would either have to be a lie or
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an admission. i didn't want to do either. >> lee says someone threatened to release a statement in her name so she took action and hired high-profile attorney gloria allred. we could do about an hour on that part of the story right there, but we'll move on. we'll talk about -- back to anthony weiner here. my initial thought was if charlie rengel also from new york also from heavy pressure from his party could survive his ethics trial, weiner could too. does this story in your opinion, does the media crisis expert still have some legs or is it on the weigh-in giving him a chance to stay on here? >> brian, this story is getting stranger by the day. if you told me tomorrow that anthony weiner was pulled over in his car with a loaded gun in his waist band and endangered species in his trunk, i'd see that. it is getting stranger, but you're right. other members of the congress have stayed in office and survived equally damaging acts. i think with anthony weiner's
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wife back in town, he's much more concerned with what mrs. weiner thinks rather than ms. pelosi. >> what's he has v to lose? there's a chance his district will be redistricted out of a seat anyway so he may not have a chance for re-election. does it save faith? do good? maybe if he stays on and shows he's a fight sner. >> one would have thought at the time a resignation and preserving whatever dignity he had left has passed. he could certainly step down now. but really he's suffering as what i've heard you say in the past, death by 1,000 cuts. he enduring numerous photographs and stories coming out. we saw the example today. again, i hear there's more coming and he's not handling it very well. >> this leave of absence, does this seem to be the best decision he's made in the last few weeks? at least he's out of the lime light and at least the media is
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keeping the story alive. it feels on the wane and a lot of it feels like he's out of the spot light. >> certainly he stopped doing press kvenss and that's kvenss and that's a good thing. fonl we don't have any samurais. in japan, people fall on their swords at the drop of a hat. i've head anthony weiner is a distraction and frankly, it's only a drakz if you allow it to be a distraction. he's pulling power away from the democratic power and stealing their thunder. frankly, i think the party will survive, and let's face it, it's had to in the past. i don't see this as a tremendous distraction, and the less he stays out of the lime light and frankly takes the more deliberate actions toward recovery and mending things with his wife, i think the better it is for him. >> jason malonney, a media crisis expert. i'm waiting for that picture of
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anthony weiner on his cell phone sitting at the time share in the dominican republic. >> here it is now. >> when you get it, pass it along. >> thank you brian. this is not the usual face you see on a mug shot. it's the picture snapped of former presidential candidate john edwards after he was charged with breaking campaign contribution laws. he's accused of spending nearly $1 million to keep his mistress and their baby out of public view in the 2008 presidential campaign. edwards has pleaded not guilty. and it is still early, but new poll numbers add up to bad news for republican presidential candidate newt gingrich. a new wall street journal nbc news poll shows only 32% of likely gop voters have a positive view of the former house speaker. that's down from 50% just two months ago, and his negative rating more than doubled during that time. his campaign as you know got off to a rocky start last week. almost his entire campaign staff
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jumped ship. president obama's laid out his case for us involvement in libya without congressional approval. but he didn't buy it. he sent a 32-page report for his rationale for continuing the campaign without congress's okay as mandated in the war powers act. they were not satisfied and went to court to stop the us effort in libya. >> where and when does the constitution say to a president, you may bypass congress and sends millions of dollars of bombs and equipment over to invade a country that's not a threat to you? >> the president argues that the us is playing a limited role in libya and therefore can order the mission without congress's approval. by the way, it's not cheap. $800 million so far and expected to top $1 billion by september. the prosecution rests in the casey anthony murder trial. plus, it's being called operation fast and furious.
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lawmakers grill the obama administration about a project that turned tragic. coming up, how a washington wizard got himself arrested after winning an nba championship. first, business with liz mcdonald. >> violence over there sending stocks tumbling right here. major protests erupting in greece over the latest round of budget cuts. fears mounting that the crisis will spread to other countries, and that had investors in america running for cover with a major stock sell-off. meantime, you're paying more at the store. so-called inflation reading last month by the biggest amount in nearly three years. some good news for consumers. energy costs dropping for the first time in nearly a year. and another big coming out party. wall street shares of online radio company pandera spiking over 60% early on its first day of trading, but pandora closing
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well off its highs. johnson & johnson is saying it will stop making drug coated hard cents. it consolidates and shuts down plants. i'm business, that's liz mcdonald. 
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>> the prosecution wraps its case in the murder trial of casey anthony. she's accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee, three years ago. the prosecution's case focuses on anthony's lies to detectives. she originally told police a babysitter stole her daughter, someone who never existed.
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she faces the death penalty. an operation known as fast and furious is an attempt by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms to take down mexico's drug cartels. the atf sold thousands of guns to known buyers so agents could follow them to mexico but the guns ended up on the streets and were involved in numerous crimes, including the shooting of a us border patrol agent. on capitol hill, congress were demanding answers. >> why did they purposefully allow the illegal transfer of weapons that they knew were going to go to mexico? >> congressman, you're asking that the attorney of the inspector general are looking at. >> i want answers from you. >> the justice department is refusing to turn over some of the documents it is the house committee has requesting saying they're interfering with their investigation.
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on the news edge at 11:00, a woman found dead in a quiet virginia community, and there are still a lot of questions about what happened to her. plus, he's already accused of misspending more than 300 gur in public money. more money problems for dc council man henry thomas. why the feds are after him at 11:00.
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>> former washington wizard deshawn stevenson is in trouble with the law tonight. he was arrested last night for public intoxication. he's currently a member of the dallas mavericks who won the nba championship sunday night. he was arrested in irving, texas. police say he was walking around an apartment complex and when officers stopped him, he didn't know where he was. police say he failed a sobriety test. he will be a free agent this summer. the first round of the us open begins tomorrow. many people from our area will be headed to congressional country club the next few days. dave feldman joins us with what it's like from a fan's perspective to be watching the greatest golfers in the world.
10:46 pm
>> from a media perspective it was a lot of fun but the first tee time is 7:00 a.m. so the past three days they have been at congregsal practicing, relaxing and willing to sign autographs. call it casual tuesday and befos real testimony. over 250,000 golf vans are expected to converge on congressional country club this week. >> they're everywhere. >> and with the masses could come may hem. there definitely is golfer hunter mayhan. >> the fans are cheering for you and, you know, that's -- we need to respect the fans, as playez, and make sure we pull them into us and make them part of our game, part of golf, and make sure they're having a good time. >> reporter: but getting an autograph isn't always easy. >> i've been here for three days so between the three i've probably got probably 75% at
10:47 pm
least. >> reporter: most of them nice about it? >> yeah, yeah. and a few are -- they're always busy, so but you know --. >> reporter: you were going to say jerks. >> no, i was not going to say jerk. >> reporter: give me the name of the jerk. go ahead. >> my husband. [laughter]. >> reporter: if you're not throwing your husband under the bus or hunting for an autograph, a seat would be nice. >> what's the deal with this chair? >> it's a three-legged clay. you have to sit on it this way. if you sit on it the other way you'll fall back. >> reporter: what's the comfort level on it. >> excellent compared to standing. >> reporter: then there are the volunteers, people carrying the score cards. >> always got to be quiet. you don't want to talk to the players unless they talk to you first. >> reporter: are you good at being quiet? >> not really. >> reporter: let's practice. let's pretend to be on the course. be quiet. [silence] pretty good. >> thank you. >>. >> reporter: you are never too good to appreciate the open.
10:48 pm
this youngster came all the way from pennsylvania. >> do you have a prediction of who you want to win? >> i think it might be kj troy, ernie alz or phil mickleson. >> reporter: for a 9-year-old, you seem to know a lot about golf. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: i love the confidence. who's the favorite? who knows. over the last 10 majors they've had 10 different winners, but little david's picks were pretty good. number 2 lee westwood is his dark horse to win. >> i always feel like it's throwing darts. it's so hard to pick a winner. >> i like phil mickleson. >> i always like phil. >> who doesn't like phil? >> you know, there are phil fans and tiger fans. a lot of tiger fans don't like phil, and vice versa. >> i'm going for ernie ells. >> he's a good guy. >> is there a chance they may not have a chance to play at some point? >> i think there is that chance
10:49 pm
. i'm hoping it will hold off until most of the action is over. according to the golf channel, it's the lightning they worry about and there is a chance tomorrow and friday. we broke into full sunshine, there's a way better chance of cooking up thunderstorms with lightning. if we stay cloudy, we may not get it. the clouds are here now so we're kind of hoping that is what we're going to be dealing with during the day tomorrow. it's just clouds and maybe a couple of showers and for once, i'm saying, okay, sunshine, perhaps we don't need you for all the folks we'll have at congressional tomorrow. take a look at what's happening. temperatures were warmer, 84, warmer than the past few days, but the air was so dry that literally if you combine the heat and humidity, it felt cooler. dulles 83, bwi 84, it's actually average. we may be below that tomorrow night, depending on whether the clouds hang tough or break for
10:50 pm
sunshine. 74 in the city, but everybody else is a little bit cooler than that, including manassas down to 61 degrees, gaithersburg at 63, dulles 64. so it's real pleasant again tonight, and enjoy the full moon if you can see it through some of the clouds. we do have to say yes, there is the chance of thunder, thursday and friday. not so much for saturday, maybe again on sunday later in the day. hopefully we get most of the action over with. it's too bad because we had the three perfect days where it would have been nice to flip them later in the week. the clouds are rolling in now. we're still comfortable. i think in the district we'll drop to 63 degrees and near 60 in the suburbs. slight chance of a shower in the morning and that's not looking likely anymore. again, it's not the showers that the golfers worry about. it's the afternoon chance of thunderstorms that we'll have to watch. again, if we stay overcast, perhaps the storms aren't so widespread but if we break into sunshine, temperature near 79 degrees, they could be strong thunderstorms, and lightning a real definite possibility. obviously 8:00 in the morning,
10:51 pm
lots of clouds, at 70. by noon, a slight chance of a shower, 75, and by 5:00, showers, maybe a storm threat, but the timing looks like it might be holding off just a little bit. i'm going to show you that on the future cast in just a moment. you can see the clouds coming in now. here's where the action is. this little cluster of storms i think is weakening out so we're probably not going to see too much with that. if you did see anything, maybe in the pan handles of west virginia. we'll is have to wait for the area of low pressure to drag the cold front closer and it's that front that may be touching off or providing a little bit of the spark if those showers or thunderstorms. we've got high pressure and control the last couple of days. it slides to the east and that kind of removes the atmospheric block for the yay in the front to start moving our direction and that's what's going to be happening in the day. it looks like this process might be taking a little bit longer accident and if that is the case, perhaps we hold those showers and themes off a little bit longer. av the front goes through accident we wam up too. it's going to be wammer as we head into the weekend.
10:52 pm
we're thinking upper 80s in the forecast. again, i want you to see the timing and there's a slight risk for some of the storms to be severe tomorrow. not so much for maryland, but for virginia and especially places west of interstate 95. if we get that sunshine that's what may happen. here's our most important map. 9:00 in the morning, we've got clouds around. take it out to 6:00 and here comes the line but it's still in west virginia, so maybe if this doesn't pop into anything and the clouds hang tough, we get through most of it. but you can see we do have showers and storms around at 11:00 tomorrow night. we run those out of town, a couple of left over showers friday morning. noon, still some showers south of dc on friday and at 6:00, it looks like more showers try to develop and hang around a little longer, maybe as late as 10:00 or 11:00 on friday night before the next batch tries to move out of here. we're going to have to watch. just a little bit unsettled. five-day forecast, we'll show you that we do have those
10:53 pm
showers and storm chances thursday and friday. saturday right now, i'm going to say wants to stay dry. there's always a chance something could develop west of town and roll in with 80 degrees later if the day. same thing for father's day, 87, maybe a late afternoon thunderstorm. so we'll have to watch thursday, friday and sunday, maybe a storm monday too. >> at this point, rain-free saturday? >> i think so . >> good. >> thanks. a popular activity among boxers, but now jumping rope is growing in popularity. coming up next, how it's helping some people take their workout routine to new heights. in a battle, dc council men have new problems, how unpaid loans have come back to haunt harry thomas.
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>> some people are trying a unique and intense cardio workout. all you need is a jump rope. rob olson has the details. >> i've been training the last four or five years now. >> and you want to join him in the ring? >> absolutely. >> reporter: after helping get other boxers in fighting shape, josh cohen is on a mission to join them. >> hopefully before the end of summer, that's my goal. it's as much a part as a heavy bag or anything else. >> reporter: a key component of that mission. >> it's the way you bounce around in the ring. >> reporter: jumping rope is almost a cliche of boxing training but for good reason. >> if you jump up high with your knees like that, you can get extra burn into your core. >> reporter: not only helps agility, it is intense and works
10:58 pm
a lot of muscles at once. >> and you also get a shoulder and arm workout as well. >> reporter: boxers have done it since the beginning of time. it helps with your foot work, stamina, leg strength and cardio. at the gym where boxers have trained for decades, they're planning a jump rope class for all those other customers because after all these years the nonboxers are taking notice. >> fitness boxing is growing so you see all the boxers doing it and it looks fun and they say it's really a tough workout. >> reporter: across the country, jump rope classes are popping up. proponents say you get the benefits of running but with only a fraction of the stress on the legs. >> i do it more with the athletes than i would with the general population. >> reporter: at lifetime fitness, jumping rope is still only part of individual training programs, no classes yet, and they caution you before you literally jump in whole-heartedly. >> initially, you know, maybe starting out with maybe 30 seconds to a minute, you know, before you go into a whole class of it, you know, because the
10:59 pm
repetitive jumping could be a lot on your joints. >> reporter: it is a fantastic part of fitness they say because it can be so intense and it is great in intervals. >> maybe go for a minute on and rest for a minute, and go a minute on and rest for a minute. >> reporter: the trainer says you should treat it as a part, not a whole. >> if you're doing it every day for 15, 20, 30 minutes, and you've never done it before, that's going to be a huge jump. >> reporter: it's a different story for bock boxers who operate at a much higher level of fitness. >> if i'm dealing with a highly trained athlete, i've seen some of them go a half hour, which blows me away. >> reporter: to get a good workout, you need a pretty good pace, about 2 1/2 turns every second. i timed josh and that's about where he is. >> okay, 69, 70, somewhere in


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